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Category:Hoosier Heritage Conference

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General Information

Full Conference Name: Hoosier Heritage Conference
Geographic Location: East Central Indiana
Founded in: 1994
HHC Logo.jpg

Current HHC Member Teams

Delta Helmet.gif
Delta Eagles
Greenfield Helmet.gif
Greenfield-Central Cougars
Mt. Vernon Helmet.gif
Mount Vernon Marauders
New Palestine Helmet.gif
New Palestine Dragons
Pendleton Hts. Helmet2.gif
Pendleton Heights Arabians
Rushville Helmet.gif
Rushville Lions
Shelbyville Helmet2.gif
Shelbyville Golden Bears
Yorktown Helmet.gif
Yorktown Tigers

Former Members

Hamilton SE Helmet.gif Hamilton Southeastern

2008 Final Standings

Conference Overall
Delta 7-0 12-1
Shelbyville 6-1 9-2
Yorktown 5-2 10-3
Rushville 4-3 7-5
New Palestine 3-4 4-6
Greenfield Central 2-5 4-7
Pendleton Hts. 1-6 2-8
Mt. Vernon 0-7 2-9

2008 All-HHC Team

Offense Defense
Pos Player School Grade Pos Player School Grade
OL Evan Dely Delta 12 DL Dane Humphrey Delta 12
OL Mike Hardesty Shelbyville 12 DL Robbie Cox Shelbyville 12
OL Chris Hodge Rushville 12 DL Andrew Drummond Yorktown 12
OL Daniel Blanton Yorktown 12 DL Tyler Stafford Mount Vernon 12
OL Justin Harvey New Palestine 11 DL Michael Dickerson Greenfield-Central 12
OL Zach DeRolf Pendleton Heights 12 LB Brett Durphey Shelbyville 12
OL Nathan Bundy Mount Vernon 12 LB Zach Comer Rushville 12
WR Logan Young Delta 11 LB Jay Neal Yorktown 12
WR Wesley Winkle Yorktown 12 LB Brad Voltz Mount Vernon 12
RB Kyle Stevens Delta 12 LB Troy Meyers Greenfield-Central 12
RB David Brown Shelbyville 12 DB Greg Heban Delta 12
RB Adam Holstein Rushville 12 DB Kevin Prosch Shelbyville 11
RB Derek Kundenreich Yorktown 12 DB Craig Jones Rushville 12
QB Brooks Medaris Delta 12 DB Russell Walker Yorktown 12
QB Jacob Walker Yorktown 12 DB Patrick Feeney New Palestine 11
K Michael Parks Shelbyville 11 P Brett Allison Yorktown 11

2008 IFCA All-State Teams

Class Pos Name School
4A RB David Brown Shelbyville
4A DL Dane Humphrey Delta
4A DL Robert Cox Shelbyville
4A LB Brett Durphey Shelbyville
4A DB Greg Heban Delta
3A OL Daniel Blanton Yorktown
3A WR Wes Winkle Yorktown
3A DB Craig Jones Rushville

2008 IFCA Junior All-State Teams

Class Pos Name School
4A WR Logan Young Delta
3A DB Blaek Combs Rushville
3A P Spencer Comer Rushville

2008 IFCA Academic All-State Teams

Region Name School
5 Andrew Drummond Yorktown
5 Greg Heban Delta
8 Matt Bedwell New Palestine
8 Nathan Bundy Mount Vernon
8 Chris Chase Greenfield Central
8 Michael Dickerson Greenfield Central
8 Gabe Fada Greenfield Central
8 Nick Holoway Greenfield Central
8 Craig Jones Rushville
8 Michael Pearce Shelbyville
8 Kris Skipton Shelbyville
8 Tyler Stafford Mount Vernon
8 Brad Voltz Mount Vernon

2008 HHC Region All-Stars

Region Name School Pos Region Name School Pos
8 Nathan Bundy Mt. Vernon OL 5 Daniel Blanton Yorktown OL
8 Tyler Stafford Mt. Vernon TE 5 Wes Winkle Yorktown WR
8 David Brown Shelbyville RB 5 Kyle Stevens Delta RB
8 Robert Cox Shelbyville DL 5 Dane Humphrey Delta DE
8 Brad Voltz Mt. Vernon OLB 5 Greg Heban Delta CB
8 Craig Jones Rushville FS

2008 HHC Indiana North/South All-Stars

Name School Pos Region
Shelbyville Helmet2.gif David Brown Shelbyville RB South
Yorktown Helmet.gif Daniel Blanton Yorktown OL North
Delta Helmet.gif
Greg Heban Delta CB North

2008 HHC East/West Hall of Fame All-Stars

Name School Pos Team Name School Pos Team
Craig Jones Rushville FS East Nathan Bundy Mt. Vernon DT East
Kris Skipton Shelbyville QB East Brett Durphey Shelbyville MLB East
Jacob Walker Yorktown QB West Zach DeRolf Pendleton Hts. C East
Russell Walker Yorktown DB West Jacob Dungan Yorktown LB West
Tyler Hill New Palestine SS East Michael Hardesty Shelbyville OL East
Nathan Frazier Pendleton Hts. OLB East Tyler Kennedy Pendleton Hts. WR East
Robert Cox Shelbyville DE East Craig Yager Rushville DE East
Nolan Hiestand Yorktown TE West Tyler Stafford Mt. Vernon TE East


Past Champions

Year Winner(s) Conference Record
2008 Delta Helmet.gifDelta 7-0
2007 Shelbyville Helmet2.gif Shelbyville 7-0
2006 New Palestine Helmet.gifNew Palestine 7-0
2005 Delta Helmet.gifNew Palestine Helmet.gifDelta and New Palestine 6-1
2004 Delta Helmet.gifDelta 7-0
2003 Mt. Vernon Helmet.gifMt. Vernon 7-0
2002 Delta Helmet.gifGreenfield Helmet.gifPendleton Hts. Helmet2.gifDelta, Greenfield Central and Pendleton Hts. 6-1
2001 Delta Helmet.gifMt. Vernon Helmet.gifDelta & Mt. Vernon 6-1
2000 Delta Helmet.gifDelta 7-0
1999 Mt. Vernon Helmet.gifYorktown Helmet.gifMt. Vernon & Yorktown 6-1
1998 Pendleton Hts. Helmet2.gif Pendleton Hts. 6-0
1997 Hamilton SE Helmet.gifMt. Vernon Helmet.gifPendleton Hts. Helmet2.gif Hamilton SE, Mt. Vernon & Pendleton Hts. 6-1
1996 Hamilton SE Helmet.gifHamilton SE 3-0
1995 Hamilton SE Helmet.gifHamilton SE 3-0
1994 Hamilton SE Helmet.gifHamilton SE 3-0


Established in 1994, the Hoosier Heritage Conference originated with four high schools from three different conferences. Hamilton Southeastern and New Palestine from the Rangeline Conference, Mount Vernon(Fortville) from the White River Conference and Rushville from the South Central Conference, joined forces to become the charter members of the newly organized Hoosier Heritage Conference.

These four schools would comprise the HHC until 1997, at which time four more schools would join. Delta and Pendleton Heights from the White River Conference, Greenfield-Central as an Independent and Shelbyville from the South Central Conference came aboard. Hamilton Southeastern opted to drop out of the HHC in '97 to join the Olympic Conference. The result of these moves made the HHC seven schools strong.

1999 would see the eighth and final school join the HHC. Yorktown came over from the Rangeline Conference, which was disbanded, and the HHC was complete and has not changed since.

The only changes which have occured over the years has primarily been classification moves. The original four teams of the HHC were 3A schools, with the exception of Hamilton Southeastern, which was 4A. Delta joined the HHC as a 4A team, was re-classified to 3A for the '97 - '99 seasons, then moved back up to 4A in 2000. Greenfield-Central, Pendleton Heights and Shelbyville all joined as 4A schools and have remained as such since. Yorktown has been a 3A school since it joined in '99. Mt. Vernon and New Palestine were re-classified as 4A schools in 2006. As it stands now, all schools but two are 4A, those two being Rushville and Yorktown.

Tournament Results

Year Sectionals Regionals Semi-States State Championships
2008 Delta & Yorktown 0 0 0
2007 0 0 0 0
2006 Mt. Vernon 0 0 0
2005 Delta & New Palestine 0 0 0
2004 New Palestine 0 0 0
2003 0 0 0 0
2002 0 0 0 0
2001 Delta Delta Delta 0
2000 Delta Delta 0 0
1999 Mt. Vernon 0 0 0
1998 Yorktown 0 0 0
1997 Mt. Vernon 0 0 0
1996 0 0 0 0
1995 0 0 0 0
1994 0 0 0 0

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